We Believe Recruiting Can Become A Company’s Superpower.

It can activate growth potential, by attracting individuals who activate each other’s potential, so they can build products that activate the human potential. Yes, you could say we are passionate about recruiting. In fact, we love it. Our clients love it, too. Yes, really.

Founders often contact us when they’ve reached seven employees, and can’t seem to find another person just like themselves. We walk hiring managers through the process of building the right candidate profiles for their team to meet the highest-priority business needs, so they can continue to grow.

We approach recruiting in a fundamentally different way. Recruiting is not a secretive mission to be conducted in the shadows of your brand. Plenty of people do it this way. But this is not how to build an incredible team that becomes the foundation of a great company. A company’s hiring process should inspire pride and a sense of ownership. To quickly attract the right candidates, a little transparency goes a long way.

From day one of working with The Sourcery, every candidate will know the name of your company. Almost as quickly, you will know the name of every qualified candidate we’ve identified. Every candidate we source and qualify for your company is exclusively yours until one of you decides to pass on the opportunity.

This kind of transparency is unprecedented in recruiting. It also happens to be incredibly efficient. After a few conversations with you at the outset, our team springs into action to source, qualify, and win over top candidates. Yes, we do plenty of behind-the-scenes work. But we’re anything but clandestine. Weekly check-ins keep your finger on the pulse, without pulling you away from your day-to-day operations.

Our mission is to make hiring so mutually satisfying that it’s something you actually look forward to. Another day, another chance to add top talent to the team.

After a few months of working together, our clients report feeling a twinge of excitement whenever they open a new role. Now that they’re no longer wondering where they’ll

find the time to hire great people, they can sit back and enjoy the process of hiring great people.

Our secret desire for every client is that one day, their recruiting will become so streamlined and well-tuned that the best way for them to improve the candidate experience is by bringing on an in-house recruiting team.

Until that bittersweet day comes, we will continue to source top talent, for every role in the company, from employee #5 to #500. Abracadabra.

We Believe That:

  1. Hiring can be more efficient and more fun. We want you to be as proud of your hiring process as you are of your people and your product.
  2. Potential is often found in unexpected places. Our Sourcers are trained to see skills that others often overlook in traditional Boolean searches.
  3. Building a team makes you a better person. We have a soft spot for startups and their teams.
  4. Companies, like orchestras, thrive on collaboration. You don’t need solitary Ivy-league geniuses working in isolation from each other. You need enthusiastic team players who also happen to be geniuses.
  5. There is no blueprint for building a great company. At each point in a startup’s growth, its hiring needs change.

Meet The Team

We are creators, thinkers, data nerds, people magnets, and we are serious about delivering your talent pipeline.

Meet The Sourcery Team

Jessica Stielau

Cameron Joyce Gibson
Manager of Recruiting Services

Cameron Joyce Gibson
Manager of Recruiting Services

Cameron Joyce Gibson manages Recruiting Services at The Sourcery. Her onboarding and development programs have enabled The Sourcery to grow quickly while maintaining a high-quality client experience. Before joining The Sourcery, Cameron recruited candidates for Genentech, analyzed marketing operations at Zendesk, and managed recruiting and business development operations at The Sage Group, a Bay Area staffing agency.

Cameron received a BA in Global Studies, Socioeconomics and Politics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where, it is said, her intramural volleyball skills were legendary.

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Jessica Stielau

Jessica Stielau is founder and CEO at The Sourcery. Trained as a scientist, Jessica became obsessed with ways to make recruiting work better after she joined the firm that preceded The Sourcery. A little over a year later, under her leadership, The Sourcery found its sweet spot in helping startups make their first 50 (to 500) hires. Since then, The Sourcery’s team has doubled while helping more than 100 companies hire hundreds of top candidates, many of whom have become hiring managers themselves.

Jessica holds a B.A. in English and Environmental Policy from Colby College, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, and an M.S. in Climate Change and Marine Ecology from the University of Washington.

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A Few Unconventional Metrics of Success

Seeing last year’s new hires become this year’s hiring managers. Congratulations, Jeff!

The bittersweet pleasure of telling a client whose team has grown that they’re ready to make their first internal recruiting hire. Later, helping to onboard that new hire.

Filling roles in an average of 9.6 weeks by pre-qualifying candidates so that our clients speak to more than 50 percent of those we send, and hire 1 in 10.

Watching a client hire the first candidate we send them. So far, this has happened 14 times this year.

Landing that perfect unicorn candidate who wasn’t even looking for a job, after we’d already helped a client source 10+ other hires. By that point, we knew exactly what they needed.

Partnering with clients for an average of 3 years, with a 1 percent turnover rate.

Making a beautiful compromise that yields even better results than the original idea.

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