How Our Sourcery Works
We work with you to understand exactly what you want and then hustle to make it happen.
1) We Get What You Want
(and what you don't even know you want)
Full stack, front end, back end, Rail, Node.js, Python, or Java? We know how to speak Start Up. We also advise on process and organization - the stuff you may not even know you need.
2) We Implement a Hiring Strategy
We handle all your talent acquisition needs from advertising and pre-screening to selling your vision and preliminary negotiations with top candidates.
3) We Integrate With Your Team
Our Sourcers become part of your hiring team throughout the talent acquisition process. We'll schedule interviews, assist with offer negotiation, and go the distance so you get the talent you deserve.
4) You Hire Talent of Your Own
Call them Wizards, Unicorns, or whatever, we understand you want only top talent to build out your team.
Some of the Talent We've Sourced this Year
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Java Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Generalist Fullstack Engineer
  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Software Engineer
  • Director of Engineering
  • Director of Software Design and UX
  • Senior Product Manager, Mobile & Desktop
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Director of Marketing
  • Sales Associate
  • Customer Success Engineer
    · 2 hires!
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • UI Engineer
  • Product Manager