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Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers
by Jessica Stielau   1 minute read + 1 PDF download

Download this handy tip sheet and be on top of your hiring game! In collaboration with The Mitzel Group, an employment law firm, with locations in San Francisco and Boston, we created a hiring manager interview tip sheet. Why? Because it is important for hiring managers to be mindful and steer clear of areas or subjects that could cause repercussions.

Seemingly innocuous questions can cause a stir and, in some cases, be considered grounds for additional action. The reason being that evaluating and assessing a candidate should be on skill and experience alone, not on any protected group. Thus, asking certain questions can be considered hinting or evaluating based on a “protected class.”

Download this handy tip sheet via the form below and be on top of your hiring game!

More about both companies: The Sourcery is the first Recruiting-as-a-Service company, helping organizations of all size scale and grow by finding top talent. The Mitzel Group, LLP advises and counsels businesses on their employment law needs in a myriad of areas.

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