How to Keep Top Employees

Keeping Top Employees

How personalization, nurturing, and development are key to keeping your top employees

Ethan Schrieberg and the folks over at HR Toolbox recently examined the best ways management can be proactive about keeping their most cherished talent. Here’s a summary of the piece (scroll down to the bottom for the link to the article)

To retain top employees in today’s competitive business environment, companies need to begin looking deeper into their workforce in search of what matters most to their workers.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93% of employees reported that if their employers supported more of their personal development, they would be much more likely to stay with their employer for a longer amount of time. As a result, creating a workplace environment and culture for employee development is key to the retention of top employees.

However, this does not mean that the addition of just any kind of training courses or personal development options will accomplish the goal to retain an organization’s top talent.

It is through the combined use of personalized digital training plans, flexible learning opportunities for hard and soft skills, the integration of new training technologies, and a significant increase in management’s involvement in the development process, that are the key elements to creating the ideal culture for long-term employee retention.


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