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On-Demand Talent Acquisition Team

for all technical (software & engineering), sales, marketing, and operations roles you need for your startup

Maintain a healthy pipeline
of highly qualified candidates

Scale up hiring at the right time

Your early hires can make or break a startup. We help companies that have received funding, from Seed rounds to Series C, find the perfect fit for critical technical, operational, and leadership roles. We will partner with you to build a talent strategy that works even as the company doubles in size.

Often companies don’t have the time or resources to manage recruiting in-house or are tired of the contingency/traditional recruiting firms that offer a one size fits all approach that results in access to their limited database of candidates and high placement fees. 

We’re changing the way the recruiting industry works for the better. We help you create a lasting talent acquisition strategy by leaving you to focus on the most important, high-touch parts of the hiring process. We manage the rest.

How it works?

We act as your internal recruiter or augment
your existing team in 4 steps:

Discovery &

Onboarding & Alignment

Full Cycle Recruiting & Collaboration

Interview Guidance & Hiring


The Sourcery Advantage

recruiting for startups


Best-in-class tools and databases, along with Agile-based Project Management.


Integration with in-house teams and processes. Able to plug into existing ATS and replicate client workflow.


A dynamic team of experts providing sourcing, recruiting, brand marketing, and project management.

Need help making crucial new hires?

We get things done.


From kick-off to project completion, we provide visibility into our entire process.


Dynamic reporting provides insights into your project, taking the guesswork out of recruiting.


On-demand and available to ramp up or down to best maximize your recruiting budget and needs.

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What our clients are saying

The Sourcery has helped over 350 startups build out their dream team.


With our model, there are no placement fees.
Unlinke other recruiting firms, we charge by the hour for our time. This is our most flexible pricing option, and we structure it as an at-will contract. Under this pricing arrangement, there is no upfront cost to get started. It also allows you to scale up or down as needed.

At The Sourcery alignment is key to all of our recruiting partnerships.  We make sure everyone is aligned on the details and the strategy for the role before we start the clock on any search. Below is a snapshot of how the process works from our Discovery & Strategy phase to when a hire is made.

We help clients find the best Engineering, Software, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success talent.
We work on all types of roles that tech startups hire. We usually start off with younger companies focusing on engineering roles as these are often where they first feel a need for outside help with recruiting. We love the challenge of these hard to fill technical roles and can handle anything from a JavaScript Engineer to a Sr. Systems Engineer. We also work on design, product, marketing, sales, and hardware roles. Our clients love to give us hard to fill technical roles that no one specializes in. We’re happy to ramp up on these and find you the right candidate- trust the engineering recruiting experts. 

Focus on the most important, high-touch parts of the hiring process. We’ll manage the rest.
We are relentless about managing your inbound candidate flow and making sure everyone who gets in touch hears back from us. No more resumes sent into the ether without a response. Brand reputation is important, our goal is for every contact with your company to leave with a favorable impression. We work hard to produce a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates by augmenting inbound candidate flow with sourced passive candidates. Our mission is to bring you candidates every week that your team will love.

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