Fill open roles now, and put the right process in place for when you double in size.

Every hire is critical for a startup, whether it’s adding brilliant engineers or bringing the first sales professional on board. But startups also need to put a system in place to scale up hiring when the time is right.

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Find talented people while minimizing the diversion of important resources from your team.

Compete against other companies for the best talent in your area.

Increase candidate quality and engagement with a customized approach to sourcing.

Only speak to prescreened, qualified candidates.

Familiarize target candidates with your brand so you can recruit them in the future.

Implement an applicant tracking system to better understand your hiring process.

Use analytics to inform your talent acquisition strategy as you grow.

Hit aggressive growth goals after a funding round or product launch.

One recruiting team for all your hires.

Your startup needs to grow, and fast. Don’t waste time hiring a different agency for every role—instead, let us help you fill roles and plan for future headcount as we work side-by-side to get the candidates you want.

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Josh Tyler Course Hero “I was a little nervous about telling the team, ‘Please trust me. There’s a better way.’ But I felt strongly it was going to work.”
Josh Tyler
VP Engineering & Design
Course Hero

Spread the word about your startup.

We help build your brand among the candidates we recruit so you become a place that top talent wants to work.

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