A whole team of recruiters at your disposal.

Ever wish you could just spin up a talent team on demand? That’s what we do. Whether helping a newly-funded startup making their first big hire, or just taking the heat off your in-house team for a while, we fill your open roles with a pipeline of highly qualified candidates and put a proactive talent strategy in place for the future.

Find, and hire
top talent now

Scale your recruiting ability whenever you need

Hire quickly
in new markets

Hit your headcount
and growth goals

Put hiring performance metrics in place

Build a pipeline of qualified, interested candidates

How It Works

There is no single secret to building great teams. It is about working hard to find talented people to join your company. The Sourcery builds a curated pipeline of qualified candidates to fit the skill set your team is looking for. Our team of specialist recruiters concentrates on quality rather than quantity of candidates, sending regular updates to keep you informed throughout our process. Our product is recruiting – we continue to iterate on our process, hire after hire, to be more effective and efficient for our clients.

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Talent Strategy

Often overlooked but extremely important, your talent strategy must be as customized and on-brand as your product itself.

Putting a strong, scalable talent strategy in place is about more than hiring a few hard-to-get people when you have roles open. We help you think about which roles your team needs, when you might need them, and how you’ll consistently get great candidates in the door.

We’ll help you build out entire teams of people who can take your company to new levels. It all starts with a talent strategy that can hit moving hiring targets in multiple roles quarter after quarter..

Custom Sourcing for a Repeatable Pipeline

Top candidates are not all sitting in a recruiter’s database, searching job listings, or waiting for a phone call.

The average passive candidate requires multiple points of contact from a recruiter in order to become interested in learning more about a role. When candidates do become available and interested, they aren’t available for long.

Our focus is understanding the type of candidate you need and getting in front of them with the right message so they become interested in learning more. We customize every search, designing target candidate profiles to hunt and manage qualified active candidates who respond to our job ads. We run the entire advertising process, manage pipeline, and collaborate with your team to fill multiple roles right away and throughout the coming quarters, and years.

Scale Up in Response to Demand

You can forecast headcount, but you can’t predict the future.

When growth fluctuates, a new funding round closes, or you need to build out a team to meet a promising opportunity in the market, we’ll be there to spin up and get you a predictable pipeline of high-quality candidates to meet new demand.

We assign a team of specialized recruiters to meet your needs and work with you as your hiring needs change quarter over quarter.

Transparent, Streamlined Communication

Too many recruiting agencies keep clients and candidates in the dark. We are transparent about our process and keep you updated from sourcing to hire.

We give you twice-weekly progress updates as we work to source, screen, and manage candidates through every phase of your pipeline. You only see candidates who are pre-screened according to your criteria, and never have to weed through stacks of unqualified resumes.

One Team for Every Role

We have specialized recruiters to fill every role, from Lead Software Engineer to Office Manager.

When you work with a different agency for every role, not only are you managing multiple vendors which can be a headache but, you don’t get to harness the power of inter-role referrals. where recruiters refer candidates to each other across roles and teams.. We think about the bigger picture as we screen for multiple roles, working hard to find strong, talented candidates..

Managing Applicants

Focus on the most important, high-touch parts of the hiring process. We’ll manage the rest.

We are relentless about managing your inbound candidate flow and making sure everyone who gets in touch hears back from us. No more resumes sent into the ether without a response. Brand reputation is important, our goal is for every contact with your company to leave a favorable impression.

We work hard to produce a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates by augmenting inbound candidate flow with sourced passive candidates. Our mission is to bring you candidates every week that your team will love.

Compound Your Efforts

Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, we make you better at hiring.

We start working together using the best practices we have learned by doing this successfully for hundreds of clients. As we learn more about your unique requirements and gather data on candidates’ activity in the pipeline, we help you build an efficient, scalable recruiting process to use for every future role.

The more we work together, the better we both get.

We help companies find and hire top talent


For Startups

Your early hires can make or break a startup. We help founders find the perfect fit for early engineering and management roles, plus build a talent strategy that works even as the company doubles in size.
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For Large Companies

We operate as if we are a part of your own in-house team of recruiters, fully committed and only sending you the best prescreened candidates.

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For In-house Recruiters

Many of our clients are VPs of Talent or Heads of HR teams who need to pad their resources with an agency that understands their goals.

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What is the pricing structure?

We charge by the hour for our time. This is our most flexible pricing option, and we structure it as an at-will contract. Under this pricing arrangement, there is no upfront cost to get us started. It also allows you to scale us up or down as needed.

I'm interested in trying The Sourcery out but what's the minimum commitment?

What we find works best is if you give us the opportunity to work on one of your difficult roles, and one of your mid-range roles at the same time. This way, we’ll start getting traction on both, and you’ll start to see candidates and get used to the process on the mid difficulty level role while we prime the pump on the really challenging one as well.

How long before I see candidates for my roles?

We know you needed this hire yesterday, and we really truly want to find you someone as quickly as possible, but sourcing is not an instant fix. We do not have piles of resumes waiting to send to you for every type of role. Candidates have a very short window of availability when they become interested in moving to a new role, so those piles would be stale in just a few weeks. In addition, because we work to build your company a pipeline custom to your roles and specifications, we can’t produce candidates that are a great match before we’ve had a chance to tell them about you.

Generally, we start to see the first sourced candidates for a role after three weeks. Candidates that apply directly through job ads you will see as soon as we can get on the phone with them, which is usually much faster.

What kinds of roles do you work on?

We work on all types of roles that tech startups hire. We usually start off with younger companies focusing on engineering roles as these are often where they first feel a need for outside help with recruiting. We love the challenge of these hard to fill technical roles and can handle anything from a JavaScript Engineer to a Sr. Systems Engineer. We also work on design, product, marketing, sales, and hardware roles. Our clients love to give us hard to fill technical roles that no one specializes in. We’re happy to ramp up on these and find you the right candidate.

Who are the recruiters who work on my projects?

Depending on the type of role, we’ll deploy different recruiters on a project. Your team will be a blend of sourcers and recruiters with a lead recruiter. Generally, it’s a team of 3 people per project.

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