We Believe Recruiting Can Become
A Company’s Superpower.

All too often, recruiting is viewed as a necessary evil. Companies need candidates but they don’t have time to find them and finding a reliable scalable solution is difficult. We operate differently, helping you develop a talent strategy while successfully filling the roles you need right now. Grow fast, scale seamlessly, and put a recruiting process in place that will be valuable for years to come.

Why work with us?

Our mission is to make recruiting successful and enjoyable. We want you to be proud of the team we’ve built together and the talent strategy we’ve put in place to help your company grow.

How we’re different

  1. We’re transparent. No withholding names of candidates or keeping your name from them, and we hold weekly check-ins to keep you up on our progress.
  2. Every candidate we source and qualify for your company is exclusively yours until one of you decides to pass on the opportunity.
  3. We look for talent in many places. We’re not just pulling from resumes on LinkedIn, we’re always finding new talent and making connections when there’s a good fit.

We get things done

  • 3-year average client relationship
  • We’ve helped hire people in 14 different countries
  • 70% of roles we fill are technical hires
  • We average 10+ hires per client
  • It takes us about 10 weeks on average to fill a new role
  • 16. The average number of candidates we submit per role

Meet The Team

We are creators, thinkers, data nerds, and people magnets, and we’re serious about delivering your talent pipeline.
About The Sourcery

The Sourcery - Jessica Stielau
  • Jessica Stielau

  • CEO

The Sourcery - Joe George
  • Joe George

  • Head of Sales

The Sourcery - Mike Haydon
  • Mike Haydon

  • Head of Marketing

The Sourcery - Nolan Cox
  • Nolan Cox

  • Director of Recruiting Services

  • Michaela Rivas Born in the Philippines and raised in the far East Bay of the Bay Area, Michaela has experience in Sales, Account Management and Recruiting. Michaela dubs herself as an extroverted, introvert; she loves to socialize and network, yet she craves quiet time with a great book or two. She is an avid hiker and camper with her SO and mutt of a pup, Roca. She could also nerd out hard at home watching Doctor Who, all things sports related, or a typical Rom-Com.
  • Carmen Lapham Carmen spends her time with her family, friends, fostering great danes, and helping clients find great talent. A self-proclaimed geek, she loves learning about the latest in technology, and in a previous life worked with a company that managed the Star Wars and Star Trek fan clubs.
  • Jen DelaCuadra Born and raised in the Bay Area but relocating to Sunny San Diego. Jen’s experience includes full cycle recruiting/staffing and business development. Prior to staffing she was a Manager in Financial Services overseeing operations and sales. Jen is a foodie who loves all things Disney, Warriors, crafts and long walks at Target!
  • Michael Joslin Michael was born and raised in central Michigan but has been calling Colorado home for the last three years. He enjoys long hikes in the mountains, taking and enjoying film photography, eating food too spicy for him, and meeting new people.
  • Erica Shafir Born and raised in Miami Beach, Erica has lived in cities all over the world including Israel, Santo Domingo, San Diego, San Francisco and her current home in New Orleans. Before joining The Sourcery, Erica worked for several startups in the Bay Area helping them build and retain top notch teams. When she isn’t working you can usually find her traveling, riding her bike, going to a concert or nurturing a codependent relationship with her dog, Jax.
  • Julie Ramirez Julie is a pure and proud Filipina. She’s enjoys reading good set of books and watching different genres of movies. She has an outgoing personality and loves to take on new challenges that life throws at her.
  • Victoria Velez Prior to joining The Sourcery, Victoria worked in Operations for ESPN Latin America. Having graduated from the University of Miami, she continues to be a die hard ‘Canes fan. She loves hanging out with her dog and taking pictures of him being adorable.
  • Anthony Lynch Anthony is the recruiting equivalent of the Juggernaut; an unstoppable force in talent acquisition. He is also a published author who is passionate about Warriors basketball, fantasy novels, MMA, and Survivor!
  • Darylle Ramirez Darylle is a proud Pinay by blood but American in culture with 9 years of Recruiting Experience, finished a degree of B.S Psychology and she is currently working her way to finish her Masters studies in Psychology. She is a geeky Fur-parent who is a Potterhead, wants Darth Vader for a boyfriend but has Princess Leia as an Alter-Ego.
  • Allison Fritts A leader with over 16 years of experience in Talent Acquisition. A proven professional in designing recruitment processes and procedures and integrating the latest in cutting edge technology. An innate talent for building and developing successful teams. Extensive exposure supporting various industries in the Federal, State & Local, Commercial, and Corporate verticals. Hobbies – avid runner (maybe after the seven -year-old) and a talented photographer and painter.
  • Anisha Rassai Below is a fun photo from Cinque Terre, Italy last summer! Anisha is a mother, Bay Area native, loves spending time with friends, family and traveling. Anisha is a people person that values relationships to foster growth and positivity. Anisha appreciates art, exploring cultures and her house is where she nests.
  • Michelle Safi Michelle joined The Sourcery team with experience in recruiting and HR working at the SF Symphony and Stanford University. She is a Recruiter by day and an Actor by night. She has lived in Santa Cruz, SF, LA and currently resides in Paris where she enjoys the occasional baguette/fromage picnic by the seine! 🙂
  • David Villanueva David is a published children’s author, likes to hike, wishes he had a tree house, and loves blues and soul music, especially the music of Etta James!
  • Damian McElgunn Originally from Ireland, Damian has over 10 years experience in technology recruitment. He’s an avid soccer fan (Glasgow Celtic!!) and keen snowboarder.

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